Lotto Millionaires – Tales About What Lottery is Like

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Mr. Jones and his wife had a taste of disappointment. They stayed in Spain a few years before their major victory and twice in the same weekend their house was broken and left without anything. You had to go back to London and start again. What a brand -new beginning, the Lotto jackpot has been scooped at malaysia casino online! Mr Jones a good fellow, only after he found out he had hit rich and he didn’t want to let people down, was moving on his career as a driver. Kevin Jones was still very new at his 1-year anniversary – by handing over gold envelopes with lottery tickets he shared some of his luck with the residents of the area.

Gillian Bayford and Adrian – 148 million euros

This pair isn’t just a random winner of a million dollars. The grand millionaire lottery winner was Adrian and Gillian Bayford. In August 2012, Adrian and his wife scooped the EuroMillions record-breaking pool of £148 million – the highest ever jackpot. It it looked peachy. Fifteen months later, however, they divorced and Gillian carried her two children to his native Scotland. Adrian later met with Samantha Burbidge and fell in love with her. What at first seemed to be a fairy tale came to an end when Sam got his horses, horsebox and car worth a mile and left the squillionaire to a childhood acquaintance, Both Adrian and Gillian with their family and mates, all appearing to believe they had the right to a larger slice of the modest wealth.

David Nylan and Edwina – £35 million

The two of them figured in their 50s they effective in situations 6 winning numbers for the Random Lottery on December 23, 2015, so they joyfully began the new year by joining the 2015 Lottery millionaires Club. Sadly, they have never gotten the £35 million they think owed to them because of a technological error. The pair experimented with random numbers online and said that they saw a ticket buying receipt. They had a challenge not getting enough money to purchase their lottery ticket, but first they had to ante up. The business at the back of Camelot, The National Lottery, said the machine had registered its effort to buy a ticket, but the ticket purchase was not the same. 

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€ 101 million for Dave and Angela Dawes

Ex factory worker, Dave Dawes and his now-wife Angela Dawes were fortunate enough for the EuroMillions lottery to win the existence jackpot in 2011. The winning jackpot certainly changed their life and encouraged them to buy a big new house and marry. In 2017 Dave’s son, Michael Dawes, brought legal proceedings against his dad alleging that while he vowed to still send money to his bank account, he has stopped helping him financially. Michael has reportedly spent over £1.5 million on the lottery win of his father and wanted the pair to support him constantly financially. The court denied his claim when looking at the facts. Regardless of what happened, however several family members were supported by the couple and donated to numerous causes.


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